Dr. Sunil Sanon graduated as a M.D. in Internal Medicine from the prestigious King George Medical College in 1977.  Despite many offers from reputed universities and hospitals he made a conscious decision to return to his hometown and provide unsurpassed medical care to the population there and especially to the grossly underserved populations residing in several remote hamlets in the Himalayan foothills. 

Dr. Sunil Sanon has been practicing medicine for almost three decades and he is popularly considered as one of the best physicians of the region. His approach to better health and healing has evolved from medication to meditation. Concurrent with his medical practice, he is presently conducting research to establish scientific evidence of better health parameters among people who invest more effort and time in spiritual pursuits. He strongly believes in scientific spirituality.

An innovative thinker, gifted speaker, and linguist, he has addressed prime international and national institutions on topics related to Mind Body Medicine, Paradigm shift in concepts of stress management, Individual and collective capacity building, Ethics, Transparency, Total quality management (TQM), Beyond TQM, De-conditioning and re-conditioning of mindset for superior work culture, Secrets of happiness under unhappy conditions, A scientific evaluation of Human values, “Where is the mind ?” and The meeting point of science and spirituality. Dr. Sanon is frequently invited to conduct training modules and workshops for Governmental and Corporate houses on the above topics.

Passionate about eco-preservation and restoration, Dr. Sanon has been working relentlessly single handedly as well as with organizations to preserve the Himalayan ecosystem.  He has been instrumental in stopping Limestone quarrying in the Mussoorie hills and has been the driving force behind numerous tree plantation campaigns. He has been honored by the Ministry of Rural Development and The Supreme Court of India by being nominated as a “Public-spirited citizen of Doon Valley”. He has been covered on national television, newspapers and magazines and has also made a video documentary in collaboration with faculty from the Australian National University at Canberra.

He was one of the key persons who supported the 2002 M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award recipient, Mr. Harsh Mander in revocation of the inhuman practice of hand-pulled rickshaws in Mussoorie, followed by rehabilitation and health care of the rickshaw pullers. Dr. Sanon continues to care for these rickshaw pullers and the other underprivileged people by conducting a free health camp every week for the last 10 years. In the process he has attended to more than 10,000 patients suffering from Tuberculosis. The patients benefit from lab work funded personally by Dr. Sanon and medications funded by The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the Prime Ministers Office, Government of India .




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