Dr. Sunil Sanon seen here in conversation with President Dr. A.P.J. Abul Kalam.


14 November 1983   “Limestone quarrying opposed by SAVE Mussoorie Society”

“A public meeting was called by the SAVE Mussoorie society to discuss the strategy to be adopted to represent the matter before the visit of the standing committee of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House of the Parliament of India). Dr. Sunil Sanon made a precise presentation of the matter….”



June 3rd 1986 “The marring of Mussoorie”

“Sunil Sanon pleads for the planned development of this increasingly popular hill resort”

A detailed article by Dr. Sunil Sanon touching the demographic pressures, hydrological and ecological sensitivity, poor water supply, insensitivity of the master plan of Mussoorie, the role of tree plantation with practical solutions to the above issues.



September 14th, 1988 "Victory for Ecology"

"The people of Mussoorie will now launch a crusade against the massive cutting of hillsides by colonizers, said Dr. Sunil Sanon, coordinator of "Suharit Himalaya", one of the local action groups"



21 July 1986  “Kamla Choudhary inaugurates greening project near I.T.B.P. helipad”

Dr. Sunil Sanon, named as the Greening Coordinator in the article.


August 21- September 3, 1989; pages 119 and 120  “Mussoorie: The Last Battle”

A detailed interview of Dr. Sunil Sanon “the chief campaigner for the environmentalists…”



14 May 1989   “Link masterplan with economic development of the people"

“In a detailed interview with Dr. Sanon, he emphasized that instead of promoting a chain of cost intensive hotels, paying guest accommodations should be promoted with two to three room huts scattered in the hill townships and satellite suburban/rural areas. This would encourage small local entrepreneurs, empower the poor and boost their self esteem, besides dissuading narrow regionalistic line of thought”



27th June 1993  “Plantation campaign in Mussoorie”

“Advisor to the Governor of UP, Mr. V. K. Goswamy inaugurated the plantation campaign… Dr. Sunil Sanon, coordinator of an NGO called ‘REACHA’ led the plantation campaign under his leadership”



 21 August 1994  “Tree plantation will restore the lost glory of Mussoorie and the Doon Valley”

“The tree plantation campaign was conducted by Dr. Sunil Sanon…”



 18 December 1994   "Recommendations of the Uttarakhand level Mussoorie conference: Uttarakhand Movement to be linked to development, strike in schools and civil disobedience to be withdrawn"

"Dr. Sunil Sanon conferred with Mr. Sundar Lal Bahugana (environmentalist of CHIPKO fame), besides other intellectuals in this conference. Dr. Sanon emphasized... “the Uttarakhand movement calls for apolitical, social leadership to come forward and this movement can become useful only when development at rural and urban levels is initiated with a social vision and awareness to achieve upliftment (of the downtrodden)”



 9 October 1994 “Tearful homage paid to the martyrs of Mussoorie (police) firing”

“Dr. Sanon attended this public condolence meeting..”


 6 October 1994  “U.P. Hills echo with war cries”

“Dr. Sunil Sanon said, ‘the garwhali race is a martial one. Garhwali’s are dharmik and marmik (religious and touchy) ... it will however be wrong to underestimate inherent strength of Garhwalis”



7 September 1994   “Kid power to revive Mussoorie’s springs”

“Dr. Sunil Sanon is spearheading the movement … involving children and citizens ... is hopeful that the competition he has organized in greening the hills will be successful and the life sustaining (water) springs of the Indo Tibetan Border Police area will gurgle again… Sanon is visiting schools and talking about Mussoorie’s ecological problems and how to solve them.”



8th February 1998   “Dr. Sanon stages a peaceful “Dharna” protesting against poor quality telephone services”

“….as the news of Dr. Sanon having staged a peaceful protest spread in the town like wild fire … the Divisional Engineer assured to correct the faults within a weeks time in response to the protest”



 6 April 2000

“Dr. Sanon appeared in the case before the High Court recently …. Dr. Sunil Sanon, appointed by the court as Amicus Curie in the capacity of an expert environmentalist on October 12, 1998…. He suggested a four point program to save Garhwal – 1) giving primacy to tradition 2) technology parks 3) tent tourism 4)travel ..”



25 November 2003 “Interactive lecture on spiritual relationship between doctors and patients”

New article covering a lecture delivered by. Dr Sunil Sanon



 25 November 2003 “The importance of spirituality in medical care”

New article covering a lecture delivered by. Dr Sunil Sanon

HIMACHAL TIMES: 2 March 1989 “Mussoorie a doomed city calling for help”

A detailed interview of Dr. Sunil Sanon on the subject of holistic development of Mussoorie



9 July 2004 “Spiritualism, the way to health, happiness”

An article covering in detail, a study being conducted by Dr. Sunil Sanon on the health benefits of Tibetan religious and spiritual practices.



June 14th 2004   “Prayers add to years, bring happiness to monks’ life”

“First study in the country (which) aims at finding a link between religious practices and its effect on health (being conducted by) Dr. Sunil Sanon and his wife Venu…. the study is cleared by the Delhi based biomedical ethical committee under the Indian Council of Medical Research ... (It) would ascertain the effects religious practices have on health ... the study has the approval of the Mussoorie based Tibetan Homes Foundation.”



26 February 2005 “Dr. Sanon trains beaurocrats on how to live a stress free life: A paradigm shift in concepts and management of stress”

A news article covering a lecture delivered by Dr. Sunil Sanon to the senior beaurocrats of Uttaranchal


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